7 Reasons Why Clearogen Is the Best Adult Acne Treatment

Many people think of acne as a skin problem that can affect only teenagers. It is a very common problem with teens, but adults can get acne as well. It is especially common around middle age or whenever hormones change. You may be wondering what hormones have to do with acne, but they are the root cause of acne. Here are some reasons why Clearogen is the best adult acne treatment on the market:

  1. Clearogen works when other creams and treatments stop working. Acne is caused by DHT, a hormone in the skin. When you have acne, this means that your skin is producing too much DHT. Glands in your skin that come into contact with DHT produce excess oil, and skin pores become clogged. More oil is then produced, and swelling results. Bacteria on your skin then cause acne.
  2. Clearogen stops the overproduction of DHT so that skin is smooth and soft.
  3. Our products are safe for all skin types and contain natural botanical extracts.
  4. Acne is developing deep in your skin for weeks before you can see it. You need to use Clearogen as a pore cleaning tool to keep excess oil from forming on your skin if you tend to have acne.
  5. Clearogen works on people who have suffered with this skin problem for most of their lives. Creams and other products only treat the acne that you currently have, but they do nothing to prevent new acne from developing.
  6. Our products are easy to use once each day. Clearogen Foaming Cleanser cleans your skin and removes dirt, excess oil, and harmful acne-causing bacteria. Clearogen Clarifying Toner decreases redness and sensitivity as it removes impurities and reduces the size of your pores. Clearogen Acne Lotion clears your current acne while leaving your skin naturally moisturized and helps prevent future breakouts of acne.
  7. Clearogen works to improve the look of your skin and to get rid of acne. You can see acne pictures, before and after, right here on our website.

Clearogen allows your skin to heal naturally so that you can be free from embarrassing whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and bumps.
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