Acne Control Treatment in Three Easy Steps

The best acne control treatment on the market is one that treats the reason why acne develops on the skin. Clearogen was developed by a dermatologist to combat DHT, the root cause of acne. As a result, Clearogen can help countless people around the world who suffer from acne.

Clearogen is a Three Step Acne Control Treatment Program
By treating your skin with our three step acne control treatment program each week, you can finally see a big improvement in your skin. That’s because Clearogen clears up your acne, just as many other products do. Then, Clearogen goes on to a further step that other products do not do, and that is to reduce the amount of a hormone called DHT in the skin. DHT is the real cause of acne, and since other products do not treat it, your acne outbreaks soon happen. Clearogen is different. With these three easy steps, you can prevent acne from returning and have clearer skin:

    • Clearogen Foaming Cleanser – Removes makeup, excess oil, dirt and the bacteria that cause acne. It does not dry out skin, but revitalizes and rejuvenates it.

    • Clearogen Clarifying Toner – Cleans pores and decreases their size.

    • Clearogen Acne Lotion – Reduces DHT production to restore normal oil production.
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