Acne Treatments that Do More Harm than Good

If you have acne, you have probably tried a variety of acne treatments to improve the looks of your skin. While some over the counter products can provide temporary relief, none of them have the long-lasting power that comes from Clearogen. Even the best acne products don’t provide the results that you want for your skin. While there are some ingredients in these products, such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, that do play a role in acne treatment and which have been approved by the FDA for use in treating acne, there are some ingredients that can make your condition worse.
For a long time, alcohol was used as a primary ingredient that was considered an astringent to help keep skin free of oil. Some products still contain alcohol, in spite of new knowledge that it over-dries skin and can cause an increase in oil production that exacerbates the problem. Don’t use any type of acne treatment that contains alcohol of any kind, whether it is a cleanser, cream or lotion, toner or astringent.
Fragrance is completely unnecessary and can cause irritation to your skin. Irritation leads to inflammation and increases the problem of acne by trapping dirt and oil inside of pores.
Too Much of a Good Thing
While salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are effective at treating existing acne, they don’t address the root cause of the condition, like Clearogen does. Sometimes people try increasing the types of products and the application frequency to get better results. Too much medication can be just as harmful, if not more so, than failing to apply any acne treatment at all. Clearogen combines these ingredients with those that fight DHT and oil production, to treat existing acne and prevent future outbreaks.
Another product that can be damaging to skin is acne scrub. Harsh ingredients and applicators may make skin feel smooth and clean immediately after use. But they will damage the skin, lead to inflammation, and aggravate the condition.
Treating acne effectively isn’t about using more of the products you have already tried unsuccessfully. It’s about using the best acne products to start with, and then following a consistent routine. Call to ask more about how Clearogen can help you get smooth, clear skin at 877-300-CLEAR.
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