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At Home Facial to Prevent Acne

Most people who have visited a spa or dermatologist for skin care have seen a pore cleansing tool. This small metal stick with loops at either end is used by professionals to remove the gunk from stubborn pores, the gunk that causes whiteheads and blackheads. It is the key to getting professional skin care results at home.
To help prevent acne or just to improve the look and feel of your skin, nothing beats a facial. At the spa, this often includes lots of time spent under a warm steam machine; warm or almost hot towels placed over your face; and all manner of lotions, balms, and cleaners to pull all the dirt, grime, and oil out of your skin and replace it with healthy alternatives.
When you do this at home, you may not feel quite as pampered, but you can get nearly the same effect at a much lower price.  Lock the bathroom door and enjoy a hot shower. Then, while the room is still steamy, use very warm towels on your face to help open your pores. Use a gentle cleanser to remove the dirt and oil.
Next, before you apply your favorite skin cream to soften and hydrate your skin, pull out the magnifying mirror and your pore cleansing tool. The cleanser should have gotten rid of the easy stuff; now the tool will help you get rid of the rest. Place the loop over the clogged pore and press gently. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but the stuff clogging the pore comes out. Wipe the area clean and then apply your favorite face cream. A facial at home can help you keep your skin healthy and keep you looking younger.
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