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Clearogen Acne Treatment Prevents Acne from Returning

If you are like most people who have tried to get rid of acne, it always returns, again and again.  Clearogen acne treatment is different, because it goes to where acne begins, by attacking the DHT in your skin. DHT is a hormone that is found in the skin of both men and women. If your skin produces too much DHT, acne will result.
The Best Acne Treatment for Adults
Clearogen reduces the amount of DHT that the skin makes, so acne goes away and does not return. Our natural acne medicine was created by a dermatologist and works on all skin types. Here are some facts about why Clearogen is the best acne treatment for adults:

  • Clearogen goes beyond clogged pores to treat the cause of acne
  • Our acne treatment has been scientifically proven to reduce and block DHT
  • It makes skin less oily, to prevent male acne and female acne from returning
  • Clearogen is simple to use, with a 3-Step process
  • There are no systemic effects – It works in the skin, but does not affect other hormones in the body

Clearogen is delivered deep within your skin to the sebaceous glands where DHT is produced. Without this delivery system, it would stay within the top skin layers and not affect the amount of DHT produced in your skin.
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