Clearogen Does What Other Acne Solutions Cannot Do

Clearogen is an acne treatment that delivers results that other acne treatments cannot do. This is because the Clearogen acne solutions found in all three Clearogen products used in our 3-step program go right to the root of the problem of acne. Acne is caused by too much of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a testosterone byproduct that is in the skin of both males and females. Neither new acne treatments nor those that have been around for years reduce the amount of DHT in the skin like Clearogen does. When DHT is reduced, the skin has a chance to heal naturally and to have the normal amount of oil for healthy skin. Clearogen combats DHT in these 3 steps:
Step 1 – Clearogen Foaming Cleanser – Because clean skin is required to prevent acne, our program begins with this foaming cleanser. Our new acne product cleans the skin of dirt, makeup, extra oil, and acne-causing bacteria.
Step 2 – Clearogen Clarifying Toner – Use our Clarifying toner after cleansing your skin. It is a natural acne medicine that shrinks pores, and reduces redness and sensitivity. This toner contains botanical extracts and is one of the best hormonal acne products available.
Step 3 – Clearogen Acne Lotion – The Final Step – This is the most important of all acne treatment products because it contains ingredients that have been proven to reduce DHT production in the skin. It clears your current blemishes and helps prevent breakouts.
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