Clearogen is the Most Effective of the Acne Solutions

Acne is a common skin problem that affects people of all ages, including teens, men, and women. The way to stop acne from returning each time that you think you have it under control is with the acne solutions contained in Clearogen. Clearogen goes to the root cause of acne, which is DHT. DHT and acne are related because DHT stimulates the oil glands in the skin of men and women to produce an excessive amount of oil. This produces the environment in which acne can develop and grow. Other over-the-counter acne products do not contain the anti-DHT ingredients found in Clearogen. Here is some helpful information about DHT acne or testosterone acne:

  • It goes beyond cleansing the face with FDA-approved DHT-fighting ingredients to stop excessive oil production
  • Scientific studies have shown that Clearogen inhibits 5-Alpha-Reductase to reduce DHT production
  • Clearogen is the only product on the market that reduces DHT production in the skin
Clearogen Acne Solutions Contain Botanical Compounds
Clearogen acne solutions have been tested and found to work at finally eliminating your current acne. Most importantly, Clearogen keeps new acne from developing. This is the real difference between Clearogen and other acne products that are currently on the market.
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