Clearogen Makes the Best Acne Products Available

We can say that our Clearogen products are the best acne products available because we know that it works to eliminate acne for good. In a clinical study, Clearogen was shown to outperform Benzoyl Peroxide 5% by reducing both inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions. This multi-center, 8 week, double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial proved that Clearogen works for acne control. Clearogen reduced signs of irritation, which indicated its effectiveness without irritating skin. It was also shown to decrease oil production, showing its ability to reduce DHT, the root cause of acne. Clearogen Acne Lotion was shown to reduce DHT production in skin during testing by Bio-Alternatives on living human skin in a laboratory setting.
Here are some of the results of this testing:

  • The transformation of testosterone to DHT was significantly reduced by 49%
  • Clearogen prevented transformation of testosterone and DHT into other metabolites
  • The testosterone found in the skin of both men and women did not turn into DHT as often
Clearogen Acne Products Are Ideal for Teens
Clearogen acne products can reduce and eliminate acne for teens. Around 90% of all young people in this age group experience acne at some period. Clearogen acne treatment for teenagers can prevent the embarrassment and lack of self-esteem and confidence that often results from acne. Our three products are easy for teens to use, and they work to eliminate new acne from developing, while clearing the current pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts and redness that are currently on the skin. Clearogen Foaming Cleanser is gentle for all skin types. It stops excess oil from clogging the pores and removes dirt, makeup and harmful acne-causing bacteria. Clearogen Clarifying Toner is the next product to use after cleansing your skin, and it is safe for teenage skin, because it is made with botanical extracts that renew the skin and allow it to heal naturally. Finally, the third step to acne control is Clearogen Acne Lotion. This is the formula that reduces DHT production so that skin is acne-free, smooth and beautiful, just as it should be for teenagers who want to always look their best.
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