Clearogen Makes the Best Acne Products on the Market

Buying new acne treatments that may clear some of the acne that you currently have on your skin, but which do nothing to stop future outbreaks, is really like throwing your money away. These products do nothing to prevent acne from developing in the first place.
The best acne products on the market are made by Clearogen, an innovative acne solution created by a dermatologist. Clearogen is different, because it goes to the source of acne, which is deep in your skin where hormones are produced. People with acne have too much of the hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which stimulates your oil glands to produce too much oil.  That results in acne developing on your skin, and it can be in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, redness, bumps and cysts, and other blemishes. When DHT levels are brought back to normal by Clearogen, the acne that is currently on your skin begins to go away. Best of all, new acne does not develop.
Here are some facts about Clearogen acne treatment for teenagers and adults:

  • About 90% of all teens suffer from acne at some time in their teenage years
  • Clearogen has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the amount of DHT produced in the skin
  • Our product contains all-natural ingredients, and it is FDA-approved
  • 30 days after using our 3-step application process, you will see an improvement in your skin
  • 60 days after using Clearogen according to directions, acne will not be developing
  • We offer a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee that Clearogen will help you have the clear, smooth skin that you dream of having
The Best Acne Products Are Simple to Use
Clearogen makes the best acne products that are used once each day. Our 3-step application process includes using Clearogen Foaming Cleanser first. This product removes makeup, excess oil, and harmful bacteria on your face that lead to acne. Next, apply Clearogen Clarifying Toner after cleansing your skin. It will decrease the size of your pores and reduce redness and sensitivity. It is safe for all skin types. Finally, apply Clearogen Acne Lotion, the most important step, because it includes ingredients that reduce DHT production. Our acne lotion also contains benzoyl peroxide, to clear the acne that you currently have.
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