Clearogen Makes the Best Acne Solutions for Teenage Acne

Only Clearogen acne solutions contain prescription-strength and natural botanical ingredients that go to the place where acne originates. DHT is the root cause of acne in teenagers, men, and women. Skin needs oil to remain soft and healthy, but when too much oil is produced, acne results. You are probably tired of buying acne products for the never ending cycle of acne and whiteheads, blackheads, redness, and bumps, because these acne solutions may clear your acne to some extent, but only temporarily. Clearogen is a teenage acne treatment that also clears your acne, but goes a step further, to stop the overproduction of DHT. Here are some facts about DHT, because you need to understand its role in causing acne, if you want to finally have the smooth, clear skin of your dreams:

  • DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is produced in the skin of males and females
  • When oil glands come in contact with DHT, they produce excess oil that clogs pores
  • Glands then make even more oil and swell
  • White blood cells attack the bacteria on the face, and a whitehead, blackhead, or pustule develops
  • When DHT is reduced by using Clearogen, it stops acne before it starts
  • Pores do not become clogged with excess oil
Clearogen Acne Solutions Block the Overproduction of DHT
Clinical studies have shown that Clearogen works to eliminate the acne on your face when you use our three products as directed. When you understand that acne is caused by DHT, and not by dirt, makeup, or by eating greasy foods, then you can choose the only acne treatment products that address the root cause of acne. Clearogen is safe for all skin types, and we offer a 60-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
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