Create Your Own Album by Taking Acne Pictures Before and After Clearogen

As stressful and frustrating as acne can be, it can be just as easy to get caught up in the improvement you see taking place in your face as you use Clearogen. Although you may not think that you will ever have a reason to want pictures when your skin was at its worst, taking acne pictures before and after using Clearogen acne treatment is a great way to keep your perspective about the difference that it will make in your skin.
Take a look at the before and after photos that others have on our website, and compare the difference before and after skin treatment. You can expect to have the same great results when using Clearogen as recommended. Start with your first photo before you use the treatment system. Continue using the foaming cleanser, clarifying toner, and acne lotion every day. The active ingredients start to fight acne from the first day of use!
Today’s digital technology makes it easy to take as many photos as you want. Take one each day to record your progress. Within 30 days, the acne on your face will begin to disappear. In 45 to 60 days, you can expect to see noticeably clearer skin. After your skin has achieved the desired results, you will continue to use the acne treatment less frequently to maintain your results. When you have reached this point, compare your photo with the one you took on the first day. You are going to be amazed at the difference in your skin, and the way you feel about yourself. To learn more about how Clearogen works, call 877-30-CLEAR, today!
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