Dermatologist Formulated Acne Products

Clearogen products are dermatologist-formulated acne products. They are designed to produce long term results that keep acne from returning, unlike other products. Our three step Clearogen system uses FDA approved medications to clear existing acne and to prevent further outbreaks. Clearogen actually breaks the cycle of acne formation by using natural anti-DHT ingredients to reduce the oil production in the skin to normal levels.

Anti-DHT Acne Products
DHT is made by both men’s and women’s skin. It stimulates the oil glands to produce excess oil leading to clogging of the pores and oily skin, forming the perfect environment for acne to occur. The difference in Clearogen and other acne products is that other products kill bacteria on the skin and open pores, but they do nothing about controlling the DHT on the skin. Oily conditions continue and the cycle of acne happens again. Only Clearogen reduces DHT and breaks the acne cycle with a topical acne treatment. It does this in three steps:

    1. Face is cleaned with Foaming Cleanser – made with botanical extracts and Salicylic Acid to remove oil and bacteria while keeping skin moisturized

    1. Clarifying Toner – Pore size is reduced, redness and inflammation is lowered resulting in revitalized skin

    1. Acne Lotion – Natural ingredients reduce DHT production and restore normal oil production. Benzoyl Peroxide is slowly released to open pores and kill bacteria.

When these three steps are followed, acne is a thing of the past. Our acne solution requires three steps, and the Acne Lotion is the most important step of all. Within 30 days of using this acne control product, your acne will begin to go away and you will notice that new acne is not forming. Your skin will be less oily and healthier.
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