Hormonal Acne Does More Damage Today than Ever Before

As a teen, everyone has been through the stage of hormonal acne that seems to be the most painful. After all, the teen years are the years when everyone is trying to fit in with their peers. Acne doesn't push you to the outside on its own, but it can have a serious impact on one’s self-esteem.  Teens can be mean and look down upon those with acne problems, especially during the adolescent years.
Today the media makes it almost impossible to try not to strive for perfection. With HD quality imaging, teeth whitening, and Photoshop, teens are faced with body image goals that are almost impossible to meet. Some teens face bullying and poor self-esteem, and may even face being ostracized, in other cases. Since the Internet offers so much information, some people now consider themselves acne gurus, and they offer advice that cause blame, self-shame, and guilt.
The most common advice a teen faces is that they are not eating correctly. While a healthy diet can have an enormous impact on the health of your skin, hormonal acne is not caused by a poor diet. As teens are bombarded with false images of beauty and what they should strive to look like, the idea that they have caused their own acne may be more than they are prepared to handle.
Smart parents help their children not only manage their acne, but understand it. When teens are armed with information, they develop a better self-esteem, and they can share that information with other teens who need it as well.
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