Hormonal Acne in Men and Women Is Caused by DHT

Both men and women can develop hormonal acne that is cause by DHT, a form of testosterone that is in the skin of both genders. Acne is very common in men and women, teens and people of all ages. Chances are that you have tried several acne treatments, only to have it return, time after time. Clearogen is a different type of acne treatment, because it stops acne at the place where it starts. Here are some facts about acne and acne control:
    • Clearogen uses natural and pharmaceutical ingredients to control acne.

    • It is designed to give you smoother, healthier, blemish-free skin.

    • Clearogen was developed by a Board Certified dermatologist, who became frustrated with existing products that did not address the root cause, DHT.

    • Acne starts with stimulation of the oil glands by the hormonal byproduct, DHT.

    • DHT causes too much oil to be produced, and this clogs pores, which allows bacteria to grow and causes acne.

Clearogen Stops Hormonal Acne
When you use Clearogen, a product that limits the formation of DHT, you can expect that your acne will improve within 30 days. You will see even more results in 45 to 60 days. After that time, you will not need to use Clearogen as often, because your face will be smooth and blemish-free. Clearogen will control DHT production, so that your skin does not feel oily, but feels smooth.
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