Hormonal Acne in Women vs Men

Not only are there different causes of acne in men than in women, there are also different causes. While males and females both experience hormonal acne, the types and functions of hormones in each sex makes a difference in when and how acne occurs. While a few acne products for men or women specifically do exist, most use the same ingredients for use on males and females of all ages. There are some ways that males and females differ in how they get acne and how severe it typically is, but most products are made to clean and dry out skin without any consideration of hormonal causes. Some of the differences in how males and females get acne include:

  • Males are more likely than women to develop severe forms of acne, including the inflammatory kinds, whereas women often have milder forms but are more likely to develop it as adults.
  • In men, acne usually peaks during adolescence and diminishes once they are adults, while women are more likely to develop acne once they reach their 20s.
  • Women may develop acne for the first time when they are pregnant, with some continuing to experience breakouts after pregnancy.

A type of hormones called androgens is usually blamed for causing acne in males. This group includes testosterone. Estrogens and/or progesterone are female hormones that impact acne. These hormones are in oral contraceptives, which may cause or diminish acne symptoms.
Clearogen is effective at treating acne, in both men and women, by blocking a byproduct of testosterone, (DHT), which is in the skin of both males and females. Regular use of Clearogen reduces the impact of DHT, which stimulates oil production in the skin, which results in acne. To learn more about Clearogen products, call 877-30-CLEAR.
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