How to Apply Makeup when You Have Acne

The myth that makeup causes acne has been put to rest. While Clearogen is the most effective of all the acne solutions offered today, to see the maximum results takes time. You also need to continue to use the products at a lesser rate, to maintain your clear complexion and prevent future breakouts. Until you achieve acne control, there are steps you can take towards applying makeup that will help you look as though you are already there.

  1. One reason people are tempted to squeeze pimples is to get the contents out so that they will flatten out against the skin and be less noticeable. This results in causing more inflammation to the area. Instead, apply a cotton ball soaked in Visine to pimples, and hold in place for at least five minutes, to reduce the inflammation. You can also try taking ibuprofen or applying ice to the affected area. Another option, if you have it available, is to apply an acne control product that contains 10% benzoyl peroxide mixed with hydrocortisone cream. Apply directly to pimples before bedtime.
  2. Tinted blemish creams that contain benzoyl peroxide can help you shrink pimples and add some base coverage before applying your foundation. If you require heavier coverage, choose a thick concealer that is made for oily skin and which won’t clog pores.
  3. Once you apply the concealer, blend the edges without touching the pimple. Dust with loose powder, using a small brush to keep makeup secure.
  4. Use natural mineral makeup. It offers excellent coverage without having to pack it on. Once the concealer and foundation are in place, dust with a layer of loose powder.

Women want real acne solutions that don’t interfere with their ability to wear makeup or the appearance of their regular makeup once it is applied. These simple tips can help you keep your skin looking its best while you wait for Clearogen to give you full acne control. To learn more, call Clearogen at 877-30-CLEAR.
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