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Importance of Three-Part Acne Solutions

For many adults who suffer with acne, looking for the best acne products and using them as often as they remember them is thought to be enough to take care of the problem. A 3-part skincare system might seem like more trouble than they are likely to remember most of the time. While using three different products every day might seem like overkill, it is important to understand that each product contains different ingredients and is responsible for doing something different. The reason that Clearogen is one of the most effective acne solutions for men and women is that it offers a comprehensive approach that addresses the causes and conditions that worsen acne.
Foaming Cleanser
Although dirt and makeup do not cause acne, they do make it worse. An effective cleanser that removes dirt and gets rid of the bacteria that causes the acne to become inflamed is the first step towards healthier skin.
Clarifying Toner
Clearogen clarifying skin toner is one of the best acne products available today. The toner is formulated to remove impurities that clog pores and reduce pore size, while reducing redness and sensitivity. Use of the toner will leave skin looking and feeling renewed.
Acne Lotion
After the skin is clean, the lotion is applied to reduce DHT production and restore normal production of oil to the skin. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the ingredients, opening pores and killing bacteria that cause acne.
Although Clearogen is a system of the best acne products on the market today, the only way to make them work successfully is to use them. It might take a few more minutes of your valuable time, but your healthy, clear skin will be worth it. Call 877-30-CLEAR today to learn more.
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