The Impact of Adult Acne on Professionals

For many professionals, the positions they hold require them to maintain an air of respect, strength, and control. The impact adult acne can have on their appearance can be even greater than for those adults who don’t rely on their images to be successful. Most acne solutions they have available to them are not effective -- at least not in the long run -- due to the hormones that are at the root of the problem. Both female and male hormonal acne can make a huge difference in many professionals’ ability to maintain a professional image.
Most of us associate acne with the teenage years. For some people, the teenage acne never goes away. For others, acne occurs in adulthood, even though they never experienced it earlier in life. Although anyone can be impacted emotionally, and lose confidence and self-esteem due to acne breakouts, professionals have an even greater vulnerability, because their careers depend on their appearance. This doesn’t just include professional models or celebrities, who are always expected to put their best face forward. It also includes doctors, lawyers, and professors, who are professionals we look to for answers in all types of situations.
How Clearogen Works when Other Acne Solutions Don’t
Even the strongest prescription medications to treat acne don’t always get results. That’s because adult acne is caused by a hormone called DHT that isn’t impacted by the ingredients of these treatments. Although they may be effective at reducing symptoms of the existing acne, the hormone continues to cause excess oil production that will lead to future outbreaks. Clearogen is different, because it treats the cause of the acne and prevents future breakouts from occurring.
You don’t have to have clear skin to be good at your profession. However, you do need to have a clear complexion to have the most professional appearance to show to your clients and the rest of the world. To learn more about Clearogen, call 877-30-CLEAR.
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