You Will Not Need Any Other Acne Products when You Use Clearogen

With 3-step Clearogen Acne Treatment, you can prevent breakouts before they happen. You will not need to buy any other washes, creams, or acne control lotions. No other over-the-counter acne products work as well or as fast as Clearogen. Acne can develop at any age - in men, women, teens, and even in newborns. Clearogen is a truly revolutionary product that was developed by a Board Certified Dermatologist.

Clearogen Works Differently than Other Acne Products
Clearogen treats the root cause of acne:  DHT. This hormone causes the skin to produce too much oil, and creates the right environment for acne to develop. By reducing the amount of DHT in the skin, acne will not come back time after time, like it does with other products.  Clearogen has created three easy steps to help you finally get rid of acne:

    1. Foaming Cleanser – Removes dirt, makeup, oil, and bacteria. It also keeps skin moist and balanced. Includes a gentle cleanser, botanical extracts, and Salicylic Acid.

    1. Clarifying Toner – Helps shrink pores and reduce redness and inflammation. Includes botanical extracts and Salicylic Acid.

    1. Acne Lotion – This lotion combines all natural ingredients with Benzoyl Peroxide hand helps open your pores and prevent future breakouts. While the natural ingredients work to reduce DHT production and lower oil production, the Benzoyl Peroxide will kill the bacteria at its source. It is released slowly so that your complexion and skin will not become irritated. You will see maximum effectiveness with this lotion.
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