Clearogen Celebrates Women in Dermatology

Clearogen Celebrates Women in Dermatology

Science. At Clearogen, every ingredient int our products is based on scientific research. And, thanks to scienctific inquiry, Clearogen is the only acne product that stops breakouts before they start by addressing the hormonal cause of oil production.

So to honor International Women's Day this year, we want to highlight the history of women in dermatology.

1850 - The first medical school for women, The Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, opens in Philadelphia. Up until this point, women were only permitted to serve as midwives.

1880 - The Women's Medical School of Pennsylvania adds dermatology to its programs.

1889 - Dr. Rose Hirschler becomes the frist female dermatologist upon her graduattion. She came back years later as a professor and chair of the dermatology deparment.  

1933 - Hirschler becomes first woman on the American Board of Dermatology.

1958 - Dr. Margaret Gray Wood, also a graduate of WMCP is the first dermatologist to use the electron microscope as a diagnostic tool. All three of her daughters went on to earn medical degrees at WMCP.

1973 - The Women's Dermatological Society is founded. 

Today, more women than men pursue dermatology degrees. Many dermatologists have worked to improve the health and happiness of individuals around the globe - from life-threatening illness of the skin to treatment that improve patients' quality of life through appearance. 

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