5 Reasons Why Clearogen Is the Best Product for Hormonal Acne

Many people do not realize that all acne is hormonal acne. Many common myths are still in existence that people believe to be the cause of acne, including poor hygiene, eating chocolate or fatty foods, or other causes. Hormonal acne treatment with Clearogen is the best way to break the cycle of acne in which your acne appears to be improving for a few days and then returns with a vengeance. Clearogen products are new acne treatments that were created by a board certified dermatologist who knew that the only way to prevent acne from returning time and again was to break the acne cycle.

Here are 5 reasons why Clearogen is the best product for treating this type of acne:

    1. Clearogen stops the overproduction of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone that is the root cause of acne. When DHT levels are brought back to normal, acne does not return.

    1. Pores in your skin do not become clogged with excess oil when you use Clearogen, because your skin will not be overly oily like it was before using our products.

    1. Once your skin is clear and smooth, you will still need to use Clearogen, but less often to keep your acne away. If you stop using it, your skin will soon begin producing too much DHT again, and acne will return.

    1. Clearogen begins working right away to reduce the acne that you currently have.

    1. Clearogen is natural acne medicine that is FDA-approved and is safe for all skin types.
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