Acne Control that Works with Clearogen

Most people have tried many different products to finally get rid of acne. Unfortunately, the acne always returns before long. That is because these products do not treat the root cause of acne, or the reason why acne develops in the first place. The board certified dermatologist behind Clearogen saw the need for an over-the-counter product that would reduce the hormone DHT in the skin. Clearogen is an acne control product that finally puts an end to acne. It is an effective treatment for adult acne, for women, or teens since all of those people have DHT in their skin. Here is why too much DHT is a problem
  • Acne begins with the effect of DHT on the oil glands

    • Too much DHT causes the oil glands to produce excessive amounts of oil

  • Excess oil clogs pores and allows bacteria to grow

    • Inflammation, infection, and visible acne begin

By stopping the overproduction of DHT in the skin, Clearogen helps the oil glands to produce normal amounts of oil and acne does not develop again.

Clearogen Acne Control Stops New Acne from Developing
Clearogen acne control is the only product that will stop new bumps and inflammation from developing on your skin if you have hormonal acne. It is the best of the acne products for men that will clear your skin of your current acne outbreak as well.

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