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Acne Products that Lower the Amount of DHT in Your Skin

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the real cause of acne in men and women. It is made in the skin of both genders, and DHT signals the oil glands to produce too much oil. Before long, pores become clogged and bacteria on your skin form acne. Acne that you now have on your face has been developing for weeks. It takes time for the whiteheads, blackheads, bumps, and redness to get to the surface of your skin where you can see them. Clearogen acne products are the first over-the-counter products that go to the place where DHT is produced in your skin.
Our products work in these two ways:

  1. Clearogen is the best treatment for pimples and acne that are on your skin right now. It contains benzoyl peroxide and natural botanical ingredients that have been approved by the FDA. It begins working the first time that you apply it to your skin, and you will see improvements in your skin within the first 30 days.
  2. Clearogen goes to the place in your skin where DHT is produced. DHT is made deep within your skin. When too much of this hormone is produced, your skin becomes overly oily. Blackheads and other forms of acne then develop, and you see the signs of acne on your skin.
Acne Products that Are Guaranteed to Work
At Clearogen, we offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Clearogen has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the amount of DHT produced in the skin. When Clearogen was compared to benzoyl peroxide 5% in effectiveness, Clearogen significantly outperformed benzoyl peroxide 5% by reducing both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne lesions. Clearogen also reduced signs of irritation without irritating skin, and it decreased oil production. This confirmed Clearogen’s ability to reduce DHT, the root cause of acne.
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