Acne Products that Treat Acne Where It Begins

Most acne products clear the face, to some extent, for a short period of time. Before long, usually within days, new blemishes begin to develop. That is because these products do not treat acne where it begins. If you want acne products that work because they stop acne where it originates, then try Clearogen. It is the only over-the-counter product with anti-DHT ingredients.
DHT is a hormone in the skin of males and females. If you have too much DHT in your skin, it will stimulate the oil glands to produce too much oil. This leads to acne, because your pores get clogged and blemishes form. Some facts about Clearogen that you will want to know are these:
    • Clearogen was created by a renowned Board-Certified dermatologist

    • Our product uses FDA-approved medications to clear up your existing acne, and it also has anti-DHT ingredients to stop your skin from producing too much oil

    • Clearogen helps your skin look soft, smooth and beautiful, because it will have just the right amount of oil and will not dry your skin, like some products do

Our Acne Products Require Three Easy Steps
Clearogen acne products can be applied to your face in three easy steps. First, use our Foaming Cleanser that is made with botanical extracts and Salicylic Acid to cleanse your skin. It removes dirt, makeup, oil and bacteria. Next, apply Clarifying Toner. This product is also made with botanical extracts and Salicylic Acid. It helps the pores shrink to normal size and removes the redness of the acne that you currently have. Finally, apply Acne Lotion. This step contains the DHT treatment that has been proven to reduce DHT production and get your skin back to producing the right amount of oil.
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