Anti-Aging Skincare

REJUVE MD: Dermatologist Formulated Anti-Aging Skincare

Prevent. Reverse. Rejuve.

The Rejuve MD skincare routine, formulated by board certified dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi created the foundation for ageless skin.

Easy to use, lightweight and designed for all skin types (including sensitive and post-procedure skin) Rejuve MD face serum and eye serum work together to activate the skin's natural rejuvenation process with bio-identical growth factors. Collagen and elastin production is revived, while enzymes that destroy the skin's supportive matrix are curbed.

Use as part of your existing daily cleansing and sun protection routine and you'll see improvement in the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Skin will be dramatically smoother and firmer. Under-eye bags and puffiness, or hollows around the eyes as well as dark circles will be addressed as well.

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"I have worked in the beauty/aesthetics industry for over 20 years and I have access to pretty much everything! I use only what works and tend to use the "workhorse" product of the brand, meaning it's usually the serum. I have had this product and have used it, and then try other products, and then get back to layering on this product again. And every time I use the RejuveMD Serum, I am stunned at the glow and tightening and lifting of my skin! With stem cells being the buzz words in the industry (i.e. stem cells are not in your skin care products, it is the growth factors from the stem cells used, do your research), I am completely amazed how this product works with botanical growth factors, not from human matter. This product is truly worth it. I will not stop using it this time and will continue to keep it in my routine with all of my other fabulous products!"

- Tricia

"I bought this about 4 weeks ago and have noticed a HUGE improvement in the texture of my skin. The fine lines have diminished and the deeper wrinkles are less noticeable. It smells wonderful. I’ve tried a ton of different products, but none compare. Definitely worth a try."

- Ida

"This serum is great! It feels lightweight and smells good. My skin looked and felt amazing after using it. I travel all the time and like the twist down top so it doesn't get all over my suitcase. I will definitely buy this product again :)"

- Christine