Causes and Significance of Back Acne

Although there are common factors among the different people who suffer from acne, not all of those who do have it have the same type or degree of acne outbreaks. Oily skin is one of the familiar factors, and hormones are always the cause, whether it is adolescent or adult hormonal acne. Some people only have a few whiteheads and/or blackheads, while others develop cysts that result in scarring. Another difference between acne sufferers of any age is the location of the acne. Many people only have acne on their face, while others have it on their back, chest, and upper arms.
Acne Mechanica
Acne Mechanica refers to a condition in which areas of the body exposed to heat, friction, or pressure are affected by acne. In students, something as innocent as carrying a backpack can lead to back acne. Working outdoors with your back exposed to the heat is another potential cause. While acne mechanica may seem like a different issue than the acne on your face, it results from the same causes and responds to the same acne products that eliminate acne on your face.
Too much of the hormone DHT causes excessive oil to build up in the pores. The oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria become trapped, and the pore becomes plugged. When the pores on your back are blocked in response to inflammation from heat exposure or from the pressure from a backpack or too tight clothing, acne occurs.
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