Causes of Adult Female Acne

Generally, hormonal acne occurs in both males and females during their teens, but, for some women, developing adult female acne comes as an unpleasant surprise. When women in their thirties or forties get acne for the first time, it can lead to depression and feelings of poor body image. Having a poor complexion for the first time in their lives can cause women a great deal of distress at a time when they would normally be confident in their looks. Although there are different reasons that a woman might develop acne later in life, all of them are related to hormone production.
Hormonal changes that occur during puberty are to blame for teenage acne. The DHT that is produced when testosterone is broken down is found in both males and females. Later in life, women can experience imbalances in their hormone production that can lead to adult female acne. The two most likely causes are pregnancy and menopause. For some, these conditions can improve existing acne.
Medications Used to Treat Hormonal Acne
Spironolactone is a drug that is used to treat hormonal acne by reducing the androgen (DHT) the body produces. DHT stimulates oil glands and causes an increase in oil production. The problem with using this drug in adult women is that it can cause irregular menstruation, headache, breast tenderness, and fatigue as side effects.
Women who are pregnant also have difficulty in treating acne when it occurs for the first time during their pregnancy. Due to their condition, even the medications used in over-the-counter acne treatments may not be safe for their baby.
Treating Acne without Drugs
A topical treatment for acne that contains DHT-fighting ingredients is a safer option for any woman with hormonal acne. Although products that contain benzoyl peroxide should be avoided during pregnancy, those that contain only the DHT-fighting ingredients needed to reduce oil production will help make the complexion clearer. To learn more about the DHT-fighting ingredients in Clearogen, call 877-30-CLEAR.
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