Clearogen Acne Solutions Clear All Types of Acne

It can be very confusing to know which acne treatment to choose, because there are so many products on the market. If you suffer from this very common skin condition, then you have probably tried many different products to eliminate your acne for good. Unfortunately, it returns every time. Clearogen acne solutions for blackhead acne were created by a board certified dermatologist who created our new acne treatments. He knew that by stopping the overproduction of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the skin that acne could be controlled. That is because when you have too much DHT in your skin, your pores become clogged. The bacteria on your skin then enter the pores, and acne develops.
Then, these types of adult hormonal acne result:
    • Blackhead acne – a basic acne lesion that is a plugged pore caused by excess oil. Blackheads open up and look black on the surface of the skin when they come in contact with the oxygen in the air.

    • Whiteheads – another form of acne that is related to blackheads, only the clogged pore stays under the skin. A white bump or whitehead forms on the skin with this type of acne.

    • Papule – red bumps on the skin that develop when a whitehead or blackhead becomes inflamed. They are usually tender.

    • Pustules or pimples – acne lesions that contain pus and are red at the base

    • Nodules – a more serious form of acne lesions that lodge deep in the skin. They are painful and can cause scarring.

    • Cysts – similar to nodules because they are deep in the skin. They are also painful and are filled with pus. They can cause scarring on your skin.

Clearogen acne solutions can clear all types of acne from your skin.
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