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Clearogen Hormonal Acne Treatment for Women

There are many myths about why acne develops. Some people believe that it is due to eating chocolate or greasy food, or from not washing your face thoroughly. The truth is that these do not cause acne. Acne is caused by too much DHT, a hormone that is found in the skin of both men and women. Women often have outbreaks of acne each month around the time of their period. You may have tried menstrual acne products to treat this type of acne, and you may have found that it didn’t help much at all.  Hormonal acne treatment is the only way to treat female acne where it starts.
How Hormonal Acne Treatment Works
Clearogen hormonal acne treatment clears the acne that you currently have on your skin. Like many other products, it begins by stopping bacteria and excess oil on your face, but it doesn’t stop there. Clearogen goes to the cause of acne, which is the hormone DHT. Our product actually stops the over-production of DHT so that excess oil is not produced. It allows the skin to heal naturally for smooth, acne-free skin.
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