Clearogen Is an Acne Treatment that Works Better than the Rest

Clearogen Is an Acne Treatment that Works Better than the Rest
Those who have tried Clearogen have found that it works better than the other new acne treatments on the market. That’s because Clearogen is an acne treatment that goes beyond what other acne products can do. Yes, it clears the acne that you have on your face at this time, but it also prevents new acne from developing. How is this possible? Well, Clearogen is the only over-the-counter product that contains effective natural acne medicine that stops acne where it starts. Clinical tests have shown that Clearogen blocks DHT, a hormone that is the root cause of acne. Clearogen is made from natural ingredients that are FDA-approved. Our products are gentle on your skin and are designed for all skin types. A few facts about acne that you may not know are these:

  • Dirt, makeup, and other factors only come into play if the oil glands in your skin are producing too much oil
  • Clearogen controls how much DHT is produced in your skin
  • When our products reduce the amount of DHT produced, new acne does not form
Effective Acne Treatment Is Finally Here with Clearogen
If you are like most people who are affected by acne, you probably have tried many different acne treatments. Now, thanks to Clearogen, you can begin using our three-step process, one time each day. You first use our Clearogen Foaming Cleanser that helps your skin reach the ideal moisture. Secondly, apply Clearogen Clarifying Toner after you have cleansed your face. Finally, the most important step is to apply Clearogen Acne Lotion. The natural ingredients in this acne lotion have been clinically proven to reduce the amount of DHT that is produced in your skin. It helps restore normal amounts of oil in your skin so that you can have smooth, perfectly balanced skin.
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