Clearogen Is Testosterone Acne Treatment that Is Effective for Men or Women

Clearogen was dermatologist-formulated to be a safe and effective anti DHT acne treatment. It is a testosterone acne treatment that is effective on men or women. Hormones are the key factor in the development of acne. Most people think that acne is the result of dirt and makeup on the skin, but acne really begins with the development of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and the effect that it has on the oil glands. Here is what happens when acne develops:
    • Testosterone in the skin is converted to DHT

    • DHT binds to androgen receptors on the oil glands

    • DHT stimulates the oil glands to produce too much oil

    • Excess oil obstructs the skin pores and allows bacteria to grow

    • This causes inflammation, infection, and acne that can be seen on the skin

Clearogen Testosterone Acne Treatment Goes to Where Acne Begins
Other products open the pores and kill bacteria, but they do not do what Clearogen does. Our testosterone acne treatment goes to the root of the problem by reducing DHT production and preventing excess oil from being produced in the skin. Clearogen opens pores and stops the bacteria that cause acne. It then lessens the irritation and inflammation on your skin, resulting in smoother, clearer skin that is able to repair itself.
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