Clearogen is the Best Hormonal Acne Treatment

We can confidently say that Clearogen is the best hormonal acne treatment because it does what most other acne solutions can’t do. That is, it stops new acne from developing. Other acne products may clear your face of some or most of your blemishes, but in a few days they come back. There is a never ending cycle of acne developing, going away, and coming back again. Clearogen gets to the root of the problem as an acne control solution for hormonal acne.
Acne is Hormonal, So You Need a Hormonal Acne Treatment
Clearogen is different from most acne treatments because it goes directly to the cause of acne, which is DHT. DHT is a hormone that is in the skin of men and women. Here is some information about DHT and how it causes acne:

  • Acne is not caused by dirt, oil, makeup, or by eating fried foods or chocolate
  • It is caused by too much of the hormone DHT in the skin
  • Too much DHT causes an overproduction of oil in the skin’s oil glands
  • This causes the pores to become clogged with oil so that acne begins

Testosterone acne affects men and women of all ages, but Clearogen has the ingredients to stop it from coming back. Clearogen has been clinically proven to lower and stop DHT production so that the skin returns to having a normal amount of oil. At this point, your skin can begin to heal itself and you will not have recurring acne outbreaks.
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