Clearogen Uses More than Benzoyl Peroxide to Clear the Acne on Your Skin

Other acne treatments on the market contain benzoyl peroxide as the main ingredient that works to clear your acne. If you have used acne product after acne product, hoping to find one that really worked, you have probably used benzoyl peroxide. Clearogen is a different type of acne product that does use benzoyl peroxide to clear the acne that you have at the current time, but it does much more. In a clinical study, Clearogen was found to outperform benzoyl peroxide 5% by reducing both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne outbreaks. For this reason, it is the best acne treatment for adults for these reasons:

  • Clearogen begins clearing blackheads, whiteheads, and other forms of acne from the first time you use it
  • Clearogen has ingredients that prevent acne from returning, so you can be rid of it for good
  • Our blackhead acne treatment contains anti-DHT ingredients that stop your skin from producing too much oil
  • Scrubbing and washing your face often will get rid of excess oil on the surface of your face, but it will not stop the overproduction of DHT, the hormone deep in your skin that causes too much oil to be produced
Benzoyl Peroxide Alone Is Not Enough to Keep Acne from Returning
As you have probably found out for yourself, acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide, alone, are not enough to keep acne from cropping up again and again. Only Clearogen contains anti-DHT natural ingredients that are gentle and appropriate for all skin types.
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