Clearogen Works Differently than Other Acne Products

Many people with acne have a collection of tubes and bottles of acne products that they have purchased, hoping to finally have the clear face of their dreams. Some acne solutions may eliminate blemishes, for a while, but the acne returns before long. Clearogen is a product that was designed by a board-certified dermatologist, who knows that benzoyl peroxide for acne, the ingredient in most acne products, is a good treatment for the acne that is currently on your skin. The problem is that other acne products stop there, and do nothing to prevent the development of new pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, bumps, and redness from appearing on your skin. That is exactly why he created Clearogen, a product that stops new acne from developing, as it clears the blemishes that are currently on your skin.

How Clearogen Acne Products Work to Prevent Future Outbreaks of Acne
Clearogen uses safe, FDA-approved natural ingredients to go deeper within your skin where oil is produced. It stops the overproduction of a hormone called DHT. When your skin produces too much DHT, it signals your oil glands to make more and more oil. This leads to clogged pores, and bacteria invades your skin, to result in an acne outbreak. Stopping the hormone DHT from producing excess oil is the step that other acne medications omit. Benzoyl peroxide 5% is not able to stop the overproduction of DHT, like Clearogen is able to do. Clearogen also has these features:

    • Clearogen was specifically designed to stop acne where it begins

    • This natural acne medicine is safe for all skin types

  • Our product is different, because it is the only over-the-counter acne medication with ingredients that fight DHT

    • It helps your skin produce normal amounts of DHT, so that it is soft and smooth, and not dried out, like some other acne medications do to your skin

We are sure that you will see a difference in your skin only weeks after you begin using it.
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