Emotional Impact of Hormonal Acne on Women

It probably comes as no surprise to most people that hormonal acne occurs more frequently in women than in men. Regardless of the age at which the acne occurs, it almost always has a great emotional impact on women. Hormonal acne may occur early in adulthood, in a woman who has suffered from normal acne as a teenager, or it may occur for the first time during her adult years. Often, even when they use a special acne treatment for adults, women are unable to get any relief from their symptoms.
Many women have to deal with the idea that people are always looking at their acne and not really seeing them. It can change their perception of themselves and make them extremely self-conscious. Today, when more emphasis is placed on beauty than ever before, even a mild case of acne can be devastating. Even though acne is not an illness that is life-threating, or even one which alters your physical abilities to do what you want to do, it does have a significant impact on a woman’s emotional and psychological well-being.
One of the biggest problems for women who develop hormonal acne as adults is their lack of understanding about exactly what type of hormones are involved. While many people are right in that they believe it is hormones that cause acne, it is not the same hormones that are associated with the menstrual cycle. DHT is a hormone that causes oil production in the skin. Both men and women have this byproduct of testosterone in their bodies, and it can lead to acne in either men or women.
The role of DHT in causing acne in women is actually good news. While other hormones, such as estrogen or progesterone, can be difficult to control, controlling DHT is as simple as using Clearogen regularly. It contains natural ingredients that stop DHT from over-producing oil, so that acne is cleared up and prevented from recurring, with continuing minimal use. Any woman who is experiencing adult acne can have clean, clear skin and the improved quality of life that goes with a clear complexion. Call us to learn more at 877-30-CLEAR.
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