How the Holidays May Have Aggravated Your Acne

Photo courtesy of Daily Makeover Photo courtesy of Daily Makeover
The idea that wearing makeup or eating greasy food causes acne is just a myth. The actual cause of acne is a hormone called DHT. That said, these are just some of the practices that can aggravate existing acne. During the holidays, many people have their activities change. They go out, dress up, and focus a lot more on eating for enjoyment than for good health. Adult female acne is especially prone to flare-ups during the holidays, particularly when you vary from your normal skin care routine.
Sleeping with Makeup On
Formal events that call for heavier makeup may last well into the night. Staying out to ring in the New Year, toasting with champagne, and celebrating with a loved one or friends until the wee hours can make it too tempting to skip taking your makeup off. Although makeup doesn’t cause acne, it can contribute to blocked pores, where acne has already started to erupt.
Ignoring Nutrition
The oil in your skin that causes acne is a direct result from too much DHT, not from eating greasy foods. Nutrition matters, however, when it comes to keeping your hormones balanced and being healthy on the inside. If you have been living on junk food throughout the holidays, your body is probably feeling the effects.
What to Do
To erase the effects of the holidays on your skin, start a regimen of skin care with Clearogen. Always remove makeup thoroughly before you go to bed, and keep makeup brushes and pillowcases clean to prevent the spread of bacteria. Once your complexion has returned to its normal radiant look, continue to use Clearogen less frequently to maintain your clear skin. To learn more about using Clearogen for adult female acne, call 877-30-CLEAR.
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