How to Dress to Minimize Appearance of Acne

During acne breakouts, and after scarring from acne has occurred, men and women want to minimize the appearance of red, scarred skin. While the results of female acne can usually be camouflaged with carefully applied makeup, men don’t usually have the option of using cosmetics to enhance their skin’s appearance. Male acne is more likely to result in scars, leaving men with an even greater need to dress in colors that will take attention away from their skin and diminish the appearance of their scars.
Stay Away from Red
Most acne scars are red, meaning that red clothing will only emphasize the color. Men and women can both avoid wearing red clothing, and women should stay away from red lipstick and nail polish. As far as clothing, this isn’t limited to bright red, but also those colors that have red undertones. Orange, pink, salmon, rust, and other colors that are a mix between red and other shades should be avoided.
Good Color Choices
Browns that do not have red undertones, gray, black, blue, and greens are good choices that won’t give your blemished skin any unwanted attention. Green is one of the best choices, and it is often used in cosmetics that are made for scar coverage. Also, patterns and bright colors can bring attention away from your face and to other areas of your body.
Personalize Your Approach
There are many different complexion types and colors that can make a difference in the exact shades that look best on you. Ask a friend or someone close to you to go shopping with you and compare the effects of different colors on you. The best way to prevent having to disguise acne-scarred skin is to prevent it from progressing in the first place. To learn more about how Clearogen can effectively treat male or female acne, call 877-30-CLEAR.
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