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Is Botox the Next Big Thing in Acne Treatment?

People around the world who want to look younger already use Botox, but could it also be the key to preventing acne? There is a growing contingent of people who believe that Botox is just what their skin needs, but it might not be the effective acne treatment people think it is. Here are a few things to consider before making an appointment for Botox to treat your acne.
A dermatologist in Chicago claimed that the Botox treatments were able to block acetylcholine from the skin, thereby leaving less oil behind that could cause acne. It is also thought that the injections can, in effect, paralyze the muscles around the skin's pores, which prevents them from widening. This dermatologist reported success in 17 out of 20 patients—which may seem impressive, but those results have not been repeated in a larger study.
In reality, Botox injections only reduce oil production in the skin marginally, and the risks of potential, long-lasting side effects far outweigh any benefits that might be reaped. It's also important to remember that Botox only lasts for about 4 months, so it would be necessary to have the injections repeated every few months at a cost of at least $500 each.
Acne treatment doesn't need to include painful injections or procedures. Simple, safe, effective acne treatments are painless and much more affordable than Botox.  Following a daily skin care routine and using an effective topical acne treatment is the best way to promote healthy, glowing, acne-free skin.
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