Keep Acne from Returning with Clearogen Acne Products

Acne is a very common skin condition that affects millions of people. For most people with acne, new blemishes appear as soon as some of the older ones clear up. The cycle of acne can be frustrating because you think that your acne is finally going away, but then it appears again. There is one product that can help with testosterone acne, and that is Clearogen acne products. All acne is caused by too much DHT production in the skin. DHT is also known by its chemical name of dihydrotestosterone. It is a testosterone byproduct that is in the skin of both men and women. Clearogen is the only over-the-counter acne product to address DHT in the skin. It is based on a 3-Step process that is simple to use. First, Clearogen Foaming Cleanser is used to remove dirt, makeup, excess oil, and harmful bacteria that can lead to acne. This product is used once a day.
Steps Two and Three Using Clearogen Acne Products
Adult hormonal acne will begin to improve when you use Clearogen acne products. Step Two of our 3-Step process is to use Clearogen Clarifying Toner after cleansing your skin with Clearogen Foaming Cleanser. This product is applied with a cotton swab to the face one time a day. Last, Step Three is to apply Clearogen Acne Lotion to your skin. It clears up the blemishes that are currently on your face, while moisturizing the skin and helping skin produce normal amounts of DHT.
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