Teenage Acne Treatment with Clearogen

Most teenagers have some degree of acne once their hormones begin to surge during puberty. Testosterone in the skin of both males and females is the cause of acne because it converts to DHT, a hormone that is directly linked to acne development. Teens with more acne on their skin have higher levels of DHT, whereas teens that get only an occasional pimple do not have as much DHT production in their skin. The only way to eliminate acne for good is to lower the amount of DHT in the skin that clogs the oil glands. Clearogen was the first teenage acne treatment that focuses on the root cause of acne. Some facts about Clearogen are these

  • Clearogen clears the acne that a teen currently has on his or her skin
  • It begins to lower excessive production of DHT in the skin so that new acne does not develop
  • When the skin produces normal amounts of oil, oil does not clog the pores and new acne does not develop
Teenage Acne Treatment Is Important So that Scarring Does Not Occur
It is important to use an effective teenage acne treatment if a teen has any acne so that scarring does not develop. With Clearogen’s easy three step process, teens can Cleanse, use our Toner, and apply Clearogen Lotion to their skin. It begins to work immediately to correct the amount of DHT in the skin. Clearogen is an effective period acne treatment that stops the outbreaks that many young women have each month. In 30 days, most people see improvement, and in 30 to 60 days, much more improvement is typical. Clearogen is the way to get rid of acne for good.
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