The Anatomy of a Pore

The skin is an organ that is filled with thousands of tiny pores. These pores serve two purposes: they secrete oil and they release sweat. Both of these are important functions. Sweating helps maintain an appropriate body temperature, while the oil keeps your skin moist and provides a protective barrier. The oil that is secreted from the pores is made by the sebaceous glands. Every hair on the body has its own pore, although many of them are too small to see with the naked eye. Only those that are large and easily seen are involved with oily skin and acne. The majority of these glands are on the face, chest, back, and groin, but they are nonexistent on the feet and palms of the hands.
The skin pores play a big role in the appearance of your skin. One reason that so many people use benzoyl peroxide for acne is its ability to unclog pores when excess oil causes problems. All pores are not the same size, with those that are larger usually signaling oily skin. The areas with the largest number of pores are the same ones typically affected by acne.
Some of the best acne products on the market today contain benzoyl peroxide as a tried and proven method of reducing acne breakouts. However, many find that this ingredient alone is not enough to keep breakouts from coming back. This is the result of too much DHT, a hormone that causes too much oil to be released in the skin.
To keep skin looking healthy, oil production needs to be reduced. All skin needs to be kept clean so that pores do not become clogged and cause acne to occur. Once the pores become blocked, bacteria begin to grow, leading to inflammation. The functioning of the pores is what determines the smoothness and evenness of the complexion.
Keeping your skin clean, and not over-drying it, is usually all that is required for people who do not have oily skin, to keep their complexions looking their healthiest. For those with larger pores and noticeably oily skin, using acne products with benzoyl peroxide is only part of the solution. Using a skin care system that prevents the sebaceous glands from over-producing oil is the only way to keep skin clear. To learn more about keeping your skin clean and acne-free, call 877-30-CLEAR.
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