Types of Acne and Their Treatment

Although both teens and adults have to worry about acne outbreaks, there are different forms and severities of the condition, according to the Mayo Clinic. Many people find it difficult to find the best acne products for the type of acne they have. Most products purchased over-the-counter refer to acne as a single condition, but there are a few different types.

  • Whitehead Acne – This type of acne occurs when a pore is filled with sebum (oil) beneath the skin. There is no contact between the sebum and the air outside.
  • Blackhead Acne – This is the same as a whitehead, except that the pore is open and exposure to the air causes the sebum to darken.
  • Papules – The occurrence of small, red bumps that are tender and inflamed.
  • Nodules – Large, solid lumps that occur under the skin’s surface, and which are painful. Nodules occur when the oil and other debris trapped inside the pore break through to the layer below.
  • Cystic Lesions – These are pus-filled lumps, or cysts, that are below the surface of the skin and which are also painful. This type of acne is most likely to lead to scarring when left untreated.

Although there are significant differences in these types of acne, they are all caused by the hormone DHT. This byproduct of testosterone is responsible for causing oil to be produced in the skin. While the condition is only severe enough to cause blackhead acne that never progresses in some people, others will have severe outbreaks that do not respond to the best acne products purchased over-the-counter or to prescription treatments. Clearogen has the DHT fighting ingredients that will work on all types of acne without the harmful side-effects caused by strong prescription drugs. To learn more, call 1-877-30-CLEAR.
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