Using a Pore Cleansing Tool for Blackhead Acne

All people do not experience the same type of acne or the same severity. For some, blackhead acne on the nose, forehead, and chin is the extent that they experience the skin condition without ever developing inflamed pimples. Blackheads occur when the skin’s pores become filled with too much oil, resulting in their accumulating debris and bacteria. When the pore is open to the air outside, the oil inside the pore turns dark. This is where blackheads get their name. The goal of using a pore cleaner tool is to remove the debris from the pore. It does not prevent over-production of oil from creating more blackheads in the future.

Steps for using a pore cleansing tool:

  1. Remove makeup thoroughly using the appropriate makeup remover.
  2. Steam your face over hot water to loosen the sebum (oil) in the pores. Take care not to over-expose skin to the steam.
  3. Clean your face thoroughly with the appropriate cleaner for your skin.
  4. The tool will have a loop at each end, one a little larger than the other. Use the smaller loop and place around the blackhead. Apply light pressure and rock the loop back and forth to coax the blackhead out.
  5. Clean the tool with antiseptic after each use.
  6. Limit use to no more than three times a week. Over-use can result in inflammation or infection of the site.

While a pore cleaner tool is more effective at removing the buildup that is in pores than cleaners applied to the surface of the skin, it is important to use an effective acne treatment to treat the cause of acne and prevent future outbreaks. To learn more about the unique formula of acne-fighting ingredients in Clearogen or to place your order, call 877-30-CLEAR.

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