What’s New in Acne Treatments in 2015?

Photo courtesy of Sales&Orders Photo courtesy of Sales&Orders
The expression “Everything old becomes new again” describes the thrill acne sufferers repeatedly feel when they see new acne treatments making headlines for 2015. Not so long ago, antibiotic treatment was being touted as the cure-all for all types of acne. In spite of the hype, antibiotic treatments have shown over time not to be the effective solution that everyone expected. The idea was that long-term treatment with antibiotics would kill the bacteria in the pores and cause the acne to go away. To those who know that adult hormonal acne is really caused by a hormone called DHT, it comes as no surprise that dermatologists are seeing even fewer results from antibiotic treatment now, once resistance to the drugs has had an opportunity to develop.
Why Antibiotics Work – Sometimes
Like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and other proven ingredients often used in acne products, antibiotics treat one of the symptoms of acne. Bacteria in the pores cause inflammation and irritation that exacerbates the condition of the skin. The antibiotics kill the bacteria, leading to an improvement in its immediate appearance. However, since the root cause of adult hormonal acne is not addressed, the acne either never goes completely away or it returns soon after.
The Problem of Antibiotic Resistance
The reason doctors are so careful about prescribing antibiotics for illnesses, or infections only when they are needed, is the body’s ability to build resistance to the drugs. Once they do, they are no longer effective at fighting bacteria. Common sense dictates that this was bound to happen with the long-term treatments being provided to patients for their acne.
More of the Same
As there continue to be new acne treatments introduced on the market, there continue to be more and more products to choose from that all have the same short-term approach to treatment or which simply do not work at all. Only Clearogen gets to the root of acne and will make blemishes disappear for good! To place your order, call Clearogen at 877-30-CLEAR.
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