Why Antibiotics Will Not Cure Acne

Like many of the conditions that people face, acne solutions seem to come and go in popularity without ever really providing a real solution at all. Years ago, cleaning your face and avoiding chocolate were thought to be the solution to get clear skin. Various over-the-counter drugs, including benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, have found their way into both teenage and adult acne products for their ability to treat current acne, but not as a cure for the condition. When antibiotics were determined to be the next great cure for acne, it made sense that it should work. After all, the bacteria in the pores of the skin are responsible for the worsening of acne. Although there are still people being treated with antibiotics for their acne, it only works sometimes, and temporarily, when it does.
Propionibacterium Acnes
p.acnes is the type of bacteria found in the pores where acne occurs. The bacteria feeds on sebum, making the pores where over-active oil glands are at work an attractive place for them live. Although P. acnes is always present deep in the pores and follicles, excessive sebum production can cause the bacterium to grow excessively. Since the bacterium can be destroyed with antibiotics, doctors began treating patients with acne with antibiotic therapy that usually extended over several weeks.
Since the increase in the number of P. acnes in people who have acne is caused by the over-production of oil in the skin, it is more of an effect than a cause. It is the excess of the hormone DHT that causes too much oil to be produced. This is why taking antibiotics may help clear acne temporarily, but not over the long term.
Long-Term Side Effects
One of the biggest concerns in patients who use antibiotic therapy over an extended period of time is the potential building of resistance that this can cause. Any time you are exposed to large volumes of antibiotics, your body may lose its ability to fight other types of germs whenever it becomes exposed to them.
Best Adult Acne Product Today
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