5 Reasons Why Clearogen Acne Products Are the Best

Many adults and teens suffer from acne at some time of their lives. In fact, you may have acne develop later in life, even when you did not have it as a teenager. The reason for this is that acne results from hormonal change in your body. This is why acne is hormonal, because it is totally dependent on your hormone levels, especially the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Acne can be controlled when you use Clearogen acne products. Here are 5 reasons why Clearogen is the best of the new acne treatments on the market:
Reason 1 – Clearogen contains natural acne medicine to reduce the amount of DHT in your skin. It is the first over-the-counter product to contain ingredients that reduce this hormone in your skin.
Reason 2 – Clearogen really works at controlling acne. Clinical studies have shown that Clearogen reduces the amount of DHT produced in the skin. When DHT is reduced to normal levels, the oil produced by your oil glands is reduced, and acne does not develop.
Reason 3 – Clearogen is easy to use. Once each day, use our three products to cleanse and tone your skin. Then apply Clearogen lotion to reduce the DHT in your skin.
Reason 4 – Clearogen is safe for all skin types. It is FDA-approved and contains natural ingredients. Our products also contain botanical ingredients that result in smooth skin with the proper amount of oil.
Reason 5 – Clearogen is guaranteed to work. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee that you will see an improvement in your skin if you use our products as directed.
You Can Use Clearogen Acne Products Less Once Your Acne Is under Control
We recommend that you use Clearogen acne products as directed for 60 days. At that time, if your skin has reached the clear, smooth, less oily condition that we expect it to reach, you can begin using Clearogen less often. This will prevent future acne outbreaks and will keep your DHT level within the normal range.
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