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Clearogen Acne Treatment Has Been Clinically Shown to Reduce DHT

Clearogen Acne Treatment Has Been Clinically Shown to Reduce DHT
All acne begins in your skin with the hormone DHT. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is found in the skin of both males and females of any age, and it affects how much oil is produced in your skin. When you have too much DHT, your skin makes extra oil. This oil then clogs your pores, and bacteria on your skin cause blemishes to develop. Clearogen acne treatment has been tested and clinically shown to reduce the amount of DHT produced in the skin. Our products were developed by a dermatologist who designed Clearogen natural acne solutions to clear the acne that you currently have, as well as prevent new acne from developing. Here are some additional facts about Clearogen:

  • Clearogen is FDA-approved and is made with natural ingredients, including botanical extracts
  • It is safe for all skin types
  • Clearogen will begin working the first day that you use it
  • When used according to directions, you can expect to see improvement in your skin in 30 to 45 days. By the time that 60 days have passed, you will notice a definite improvement and new acne will not be developing
  • Clearogen products are used in three steps, including Clearogen Foaming Cleanser, Clearogen Clarifying Toner, and Clearogen Acne Lotion
  • Clearogen Acne Lotion contains benzoyl peroxide for acne that is currently on your face, and it contains natural medicine to reduce DHT in your skin to prevent new acne from developing
Clearogen Acne Treatment Is Easy to Use
You will find that Clearogen acne treatment is easy to use. Once each day, cleanse your skin with Clearogen Foaming Cleanser. Then, apply Clearogen Clarifying Toner, and finally Clearogen Acne Lotion. Very soon, you will begin to notice smoother, more beautiful skin.
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