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7 Facts about Hormonal Acne that You Didn’t Know

7 Facts about Hormonal Acne that You Didn’t Know

Many people are learning more about acne than ever before, such as the fact that all acne is hormonal acne. Here are 7 facts that you may not know:
    1. DHT or dihydrotestosterone acne occurs in men and women of all ages, and teens.
    2. Acne is genetic. If your parents both had severe acne, you will probably have it, as well.
    3. Hormonal cystic acne is the type that can result in permanent scarring, more than any other form of acne.
    4. Popping or picking at blemishes greatly increases the likelihood of scarring.
    5. Dirt, grime, and makeup are contributing causes of acne, but they are not the cause of it.
    6. Acne is the most common skin disorder in the world, and millions of people suffer from it.
    7. Only hormonal acne solutions like Clearogen reduce the amount of the hormone that is to blame for acne.

You Can Control Hormonal Acne with Clearogen

The one way to treat hormonal acne is with Clearogen natural acne treatment. Clearogen is the first over-the-counter product created to stop the overproduction of DHT. It was invented by board certified dermatologists and it contains botanical extracts and other natural ingredients that are FDA-approved. Clinical studies proved that Clearogen is effective in reducing DHT and in stopping new acne from forming. If you are tired of trying product after product with little to no improvement, try Clearogen. Our three-step program is used one time each day to cleanse and tone your skin before you apply Clearogen lotion.

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