Five Acne Facts You Probably Don't Know

Five Acne Facts You Probably Don't Know

Acne Facts That May Surprise You

There just isn't enough healthy conversation about acne. Sure, you've probably heard some of the common facts and been lectured enough times about popping pimples, so today we are digging deeper into the lesser-known facts about acne.

1. There's a serious link between depression and acne. 

    A study published in February 2018 found that in the first year after being told by a doctor that they have acne, patients’ risk for a diagnosis of major depressive disorder spikes by more than 60 percent compared to the general population. Keep an eye on your moods while you deal with acne, and speak to a doctor or mental health professional if your feelings are overwhelming you.

2. The age of acne onset is widening.

    Acne is still considered a teenage problem, but it is starting to appear in both children and adults for the first time. The American Academy of Dermotology reports pediatric acne is rapidly increasing, likely caused by the lower age of puberty onset. Simultaneously, research shows that more and more women are experiencing acne for the first time in their life in their 30s or 40s.


More women are experiencing acne for the first time in their lives in their 30s and 40s.

NIH Adult Onset Acne

3. There is no cure.

    96% of acne sufferers believe there is a cure, but they are quite wrong. According the the Mayo Clinic, there is no cure for acne, but it can be treated. That means you need to be consistent with your skincare routine, and possibly for the long haul.

4. Androgens + Genetics = Pimples

  Food, stress, pollution, lack of cleanliness and more can all contribute to acne. But not much. The main and most important component of what causes pimples? Hormones (androgens, specifically) and genetics. Stuff that is mostly beyond your control. The best defense is consistent, daily use of a solid skincare line.

5. Acne is the #1 skin condition in the world

  Only 1 out of 100 people will live an entirely pimple-free life. So remember, you aren't alone and you shouldn't be ashamed for dealing with the most common skin condition worldwide.

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