Adult Acne Treatment for Men

Although many people still think that acne only occurs in teenagers, hormonal acne is common in men and women. The condition is caused by DHT, a byproduct of testosterone that is found in the skin of females and males alike. Although women are more likely to experience acne beyond their 20s, men are at the greatest risk of developing severe, cystic acne that is much more difficult to treat. Failing to use an effective treatment during the early stages of acne can lead to the development of a more severe form. Clearogen includes the most effective acne products for men available today.
How Clearogen Works on Male Acne
While men and women both develop acne because of DHT, the types of hormonal acne that are seen in each differ in some ways. While women’s condition may be aggravated from wearing heavy, oil-based makeup, men will have more severe conditions that result from higher levels of androgens, including testosterone and the associated DHT that increases sebum production. As a result, there is also a greater number of the bacterium that feeds on the sebum, leading to the development of pimples along with nodules and cysts.
Clearogen works on the root cause of acne to eliminate the current symptoms and also prevent new ones from forming. Clearogen is the only one of the acne products for men that contains powerful DHT-blocking ingredients that reduce the oiliness of the skin to normal, so that conditions do not cause acne to recur.
A Safe Alternative to Drug Therapy
For many men, harsh drugs with serious side-effects have been the only resort when no other adult acne treatment seemed to work on their acne. Treatments such as androgen inhibitors are often not considered for use in treating male acne, as they have a feminizing effect on males. Clearogen is proven effective at treating acne in men and preventing the recurrence or increasing severity that can lead to severe acne and scarring, while having no systemic effects. To learn more about Clearogen, call us at 877-30-CLEAR.
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